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Thankful Heart posted by John Sorensen on Nov 25, 2019

Do you want a Thanksgiving challenge? Now, I’m not going to challenge you to eat an entire turkey or pecan pie by yourself. I’m not going to tell you to sub the casseroles for a salad either. But I would like to challenge you this week to have a thankful heart. Everyone has so many things to be thankful for, yet we complain and are envious of our neighbor.

Can you list five things you are thankful for? Write them down somewhere you can see them…do it again tomorrow…and the next day. Keep it up throughout this week and notice the difference thankfulness can bring to your life.

If you’re having trouble getting started, let me help.

To start, you should be so thankful that the God and Creator of the universe has called you by name – you are known and you are loved by Him!

You can be thankful that while this incredible God needs no one, He has chosen to use you to bring others to Him so they, too, can know His love. Share with others why you are thankful – ultimately, for salvation found only in Jesus.

Be thankful for the body of believers around you and for the relationships you’ve been given.

You can be thankful for your church and the opportunity to gather and worship God freely.

You can also be thankful that you can thank God! We’ve been given the incredible privilege to come before God in prayer. He hears us and answers our prayers. That’s a big deal!

Don’t take for granted all that God has done for you! Do you remember the lepers who cried out to Jesus for healing? He healed ten, yet only one came back to thank Him! Don’t be like the other nine, start each day with thanksgiving to your Father in Heaven.

This is our focus this week at Evangelism Explosion through our social media channels and our daily broadcast. We want to cultivate grateful hearts that shine for Jesus.

May God richly bless you as you thank Him for the many blessings He’s given you!

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