Oct 27

That Time of The Year posted by John Sorensen on Oct 27, 2021


It’s that time of the year again! Many events are happening this week in communities across the country. Whether it’s a trunk-or-treat, a Fall Festival, a pumpkin patch, or trick-or-treating, I want to encourage you — look for opportunities to share the love of Christ. The Gospel is always needed, no matter the time of year, holiday, or circumstance. We need to be intentional as Christians and share what Jesus has done with those around us. If you’re attending a party, seek out meaningful conversations that could lead to sharing how Christ has changed your life and given you eternal security. If you’re giving out candy, consider handing out some Gospel tracts, too. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give you opportunities to share; and when they come, talk about the hope you’ve found in Christ. Our world desperately needs it. Not sure where to start? Well, we’d love to help! For more Gospel tips and resources to help you share during this season, visit Share Life Dot Today.

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