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The Beginning of EE posted by John Sorensen on Mar 04, 2013

Most people don’t realize that EE’s roots go back to a man named Bill Iverson. Bill
is a bold evangelist and a friend and fraternity brother of the Rev. Kennedy Smartt.

Following their graduation from seminaries and while they both had pastorates,
Rev. Smartt invited Bill to come alongside his Ingleside Church for evangelistic
services. Rev. Smartt loses track of the number of professions of faith they
personally experienced, but God used Bill’s boldness and his method in a mighty
way. Rev. Smartt learned a great deal from Bill’s approach to witnessing.

The following year, Rev. Smartt invited Jim Kennedy, who had visited his church
often, for ten days of evangelistic services. Their time together was the springboard
for the EE training ministry that Jim Kennedy founded.

Rev. Smartt looked back at that time with Bill and Jim as a time of divine inspiration.
“I am convinced that God, in His providence, arranged all these events just so Jim
Kennedy could get a vision for what would, in time, become Evangelism Explosion,”
recalled Rev. Smartt.

The man who God used to start the EE ball rolling, Dr. William T. (Bill) Iverson, has written a book that should be a part of any believer’s library. His book, Jesus and the Ways of Socrates, delves into the similar teaching styles of Socrates and Jesus and
shows how their manner of communication became an indispensable educational tool. Bill calls Socrates and Jesus the two most eminent teachers in history that never authored a book. Yet they asked questions that captivated audiences and
implanted the desire to learn more.

Bill is one of the most passionate witnesses I have ever met, and his zeal and love for Jesus is evident in this fascinating book. It’s $15 and you can get your copy when you
email Bill at: [email protected].

From left, Rev. Kennedy Smartt and D. James Kennedy

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