Apr 17

The best is yet to come (audio) posted by jwatson on Apr 17, 2013

Here is a snippet of audio (below) from the address EE President Dr. John Sorensen gave at a recent event for ministry partners.

It provides you with an idea of what God is doing through the world-wide ministry of Evangelism Explosion International, including:

  • 2342 week-long leadership training clinics held
  • 50,000 churches actively involved in evangelism training
  • 7.8 (m)million professions of faith in Christ

This was accomplished through Hope for Kids training, Classic EE, Share Your Faith workshops, Ev2 and new initiatives like Weavers which targets unreached, illiterate people groups.

Truthfully, 2012 was the very best year we’ve ever had, all by the grace of God and for the glory of Christ.

Please take a few minutes and see if Dr. Sorensen’s enthusiasm doesn’t encourage you in what the Lord is doing through Evangelism Explosion International.

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