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The Chair Illustration posted by John Sorensen on Apr 04, 2016


How do you explain to someone what saving faith really is?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.   When you’re sharing the Gospel you’re your friend, it’s critical that they understand what it means to believe in Jesus Christ.  We’re not talking mere head knowledge but an understanding of what saving faith really is.  Here’s an illustration you can try.  We call it the Chair Illustration.  Using two chairs – the first has our name on it and it’s the chair of good words.  We were all born in this chair. The second chair is labeled Christ and it is the chair of the work of Christ on the Cross for our forgiveness and our salvation.  When explaining saving faith we actually get up out of our chair of good works and sit down in the chair of Christ’s finished work.  Drawing this contrast, we help a person to understand the need to cease trusting in themselves and to transfer there trust to Jesus Christ ALONE.

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