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The Excitement of Center for Christian Statesmanship is Contagious! posted by jwatson on Jun 03, 2009

I recently talked to George Roller, Director for the D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship (CCS), and long time EE advocate, and friend.  He spoke of the excitement he has for this summer, but particularly for June 21-28, 2009.  This is the week of Mission to Congress when college and graduate students join EE and The Center to reach out to the Members of Congress, Congressional Staffers, and Congressional Interns.

Last year's winner, Mike Pence, from Indiana

This year, CCS has the honor of bestowing the 14th Distinguished Christian Statesmanship Award. Those who have received this prestigious award in the past include: Senator John Ashcroft, Senator Sam Brownback, The Honorable Kay Coles James, Ambassador Dan Coats, Representative J.C. Watts, Representative John Hostettler, Representative Marilyn Musgrave, Representative Mike McIntyre, and Representative Mike Pence (the 2008 winner). This year, the honor is being given to Representative Randy Forbes, a Congressman from Virginia. Randy has been serving in the House of Representatives since 2001 and has been standing up for his faith in Christ and proclaiming God’s love in his actions. He fought to include God in the Capitol Visitor Center as well as established the Congressional Prayer Caucus. I had the immense privilege of handing this award to Mike Pence a year ago in 2008, and I again have the honor of giving this wonderful award, this year to Randy.

I asked George to share some of the excitement he has for this year. “I’m excited by the caliber of the new winner, Randy Forbes, and his absolute, strong commitment to Christian values.”  After the National Day of Prayer, Randy organized a press conference to counteract what the president had said about America not counting itself as a Christian or Jewish nation.  The purpose of this prayer conference was to outline our history to show that we were founded on Christian principles.  At that conference, the filing of a bill was announced which will make the first week of May every year a Religious Heritage Week.  “I’m excited about Representative Forbes being our new winner for the year,” George eagerly conveys, “and for the week in June that will give us the opportunity to allow many people on the Hill to hear about our organization and to uplift the name of Jesus Christ to these leaders of our country!”

There is going to be an evening tour of the capitol, with a commentary by the Wall Builders Association, headed up by David Barton, which will promote and make people aware of our country’s strong Christian heritage.  “Thousands of interns will also be coming to Washington D. C. this summer and we will have the opportunity to impact many of them to let them hear the Gospel, and to see Members of Congress as role models, sharing the Gospel,” George excitedly shared.

Last year's intern BBQ

I hope that you all will pray for this upcoming week, June 21-28, that the interns attending will be greatly impacted, and the Congressmen will be affected by CCS and will make a difference in our country for Christ.

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