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The Jesus House posted by jwatson on Jul 04, 2013

Congressman Trent Franks speaks at CCS Intern BBQ

Congressman Trent Franks speaks at CCS Intern BBQ

Amanda Moffett is an intern with the D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship in Washington, D.C.

This week we had the opportunity to host an intern BBQ at CCS. There were about 75 people who attended. What a glorious thing to have a smaller, more intimate crowd. During this time of fellowship I over heard a gentleman telling someone over the phone that he was at, “The Jesus house having dinner.” At first this shocked and irritated me. “How rude!” was my first thought. Upon further reflection later that night the comment crept back into my head. As I pondered the words “Jesus house” the revelation struck me, “How WONDERFUL!” we have been identified as Christ–like! The very object of our Christian existence is to be as Christ.

How encouraging to know that Christ’s message is so proclaimed here that he is our point of reference and that our identification rests in him.

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