Oct 31

The Reformation Question posted by John Sorensen on Oct 31, 2017


“How could I ever become good enough to stand in the presence of a Holy God?”

Today, as we mark the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, it’s a question many people still struggle with.  Luther tried to earn his standing before God by beating himself, fasting, confessing his sins for hours on end – but he had no peace.  Until, he was reading in the first chapter of Romans that, “The just shall live by faith.”  It’s as though the words leapt off the page and Luther understood the Gospel and God’s grace for the first time.  It was faith in Jesus Christ alone that would justify him before God.  Do you have the assurance that you will be with God in Heaven some day or are you trusting in your own efforts – hoping that your good outweighs your bad?  If so, visit and read our Steps to Life resource.  Do you have friends who need to know how they can be justified with God.  Need help telling them?  Then check out Steps to Life at

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