Feb 26

They’re Drowning posted by John Sorensen on Feb 26, 2016


Are you familiar with the Good Samaritan Law?  You know, the one that says if you see someone who is about to lose their life, youre able to do whatever is necessary to save them?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. Just imagine for a moment, that you come upon someone who is drowning in a swimming pool and you’re a very good swimmer, what would you do?  I hope you’d either dive in or throw them a life preserver.  But what would you think if I just stood there and watched them drown?  I’m sure you’d be shocked, angry, and even wonder what’s wrong with me. And, yet, every one of us knows someone who is drowning spiritually.  They are drowning in sin and without the Good News of the Gospel, they will go to Hell for eternity.  The only thing that can save them is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and you possess it.  My question is, do you know how to profess what you believe in such a way that it bring someone from unbelief to belief through the power of the Holy Spirit?  If not, we’re here to help you learn how to share your faith with free tips, tools and Gospel resources.  Visit us at      

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