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Tiger is Back! Or is He? posted by jwatson on Mar 29, 2013

I am a fan of golf and of Tiger Woods. And, as a fan, it is good to see him winning again. He is smiling, he has started a romance with a skiing superstar and it feels good to root for this iconic figure who, it seems, has his life together. With the recent adulation from fans, surely he feels forgiven and is moving on. He has already won several times during this new golf season, has reached world #1 and he is the favorite to win one of golf’s most glorious prizes, the upcoming Masters golf championship, in April.

But suddenly, something has disrupted that calm. It’s an ad from Nike featuring their star crouching down to read a putt that he is certain to make. He is wearing his final-round victory colors of red and black with a bold quote from him, “Winning takes care of everything.” Ugh.

It may be bold in its proclamation, but it’s a LIE. Winning does not take care of a train wreck of a marriage, kids now splitting time between mom and dad, and the aftermath of heartache and pain from brokenness that will never go away.

Winning does NOT take care of everything

This print ad makes us wonder whether he has changed at all since his fall from the mountaintop. He and Nike may have been better served with a more appropriate quote from him, “Winning does NOT take care of everything.”

This ad clearly suggests that Tiger’s identity is in winning, and we know he needs the Gospel. But before we judge him (and that is not the intent of this blog), I must ask myself, what idols shape my identity?  Remember “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” And that goes for me, even as a believer. Is my identity wrapped up in my job? Or in my being a good husband or father?

As one who works for an evangelism ministry, is it centered on me the evangelist? Can evangelism become just another good work, something I hang my hat on where I boldly proclaim, “My evangelism takes care of everything?”  Have I ever harbored an attitude that I am more spiritual than others because I share my faith?

Training in EE is so critically important in our lives, and we know our identity rests in Christ alone, but we must take extra precautions to check our motives and examine where our true identity rests.

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