Dec 18

Time is Running Out posted by John Sorensen on Dec 18, 2013

A faithful friend of the EE ministry has pledged a $200,000 Matching Challenge Fund. Every dollar you give by December 31 up to that amount will be matched and will double the impact for the Gospel. The deadline draws near. Your gift is critical so we can secure every dollar of the match, meet our calendar year-end budget and continue to spread the Gospel with every ounce of our energy. Let’s keep the Gospel multiplying. I need your help before the year ends. Thank you for whatever you are able to do!

I have a wonderful gift for you when you give a year-end gift of $35 or more by December 31 toward the $200,000 Matching Challenge Fund. Upon request, and when it becomes available after the first of the year, I’ll send you a hardback copy of Great Gospel Words by my friend, and EE Board Member, Dr. James F. Engle. Great Gospel Words takes single-syllable words from the Bible—“God-breathed”—and demonstrates how they can radically transform your life. If you already sent in a gift toward the Matching Challenge Fund I am deeply grateful. It will impact many lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ .

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