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Time is Running Out posted by jwatson on Jun 11, 2013

EE is playing a leading role in the harvest. By God’s grace, nearly 7.9 million people professed faith in Jesus Christ through the work of EE in 2012 alone! Some 21,000 people came to Christ every day world-wide through EE-trained witnesses.

The Gospel is on the move in these days and changing the world. Nations like China, Indonesia, and India are being transformed to the Glory of God. What a great time to be a Christian and to be part of such exciting events! How tragic it would be to miss being a part of it.

Evangelism Explosion’s fiscal year ends on June 30, 2013. We need to raise $200,000 to end this fiscal year in the black. Will you help us today to reach this goal?

By God’s grace, we have received a generous pledge that will match, dollar for dollar, every gift up to $100,000. Your Great Commission Fund gift will be doubled, helping us to reach this goal and end the year strong. Would you consider what God would have you do?

Thank you for your partnership in the ministry! Your gifts are making a huge difference as, together, we invest in national EE ministries, assisting them to stand and be bold witnesses in these important days.

Your gift now to the Great Commission Fund will literally help change the world from the inside out. But please consider a gift today as our fiscal year ends June 30 and time is running out. Thank you!

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