May 30

To See the Truth posted by jwatson on May 30, 2012

Glasses for Missions is a ministry of mercy from Evangelism Explosion International. Most people, especially overseas in Third World countries, cannot read their Bibles because of poor eyesight. Glasses for Missions provides them with a quality, durable pair or reading glasses that opens up their world.

That’s the first step. The important second step is in sharing the Gospel with every one who receives a pair of glasses. This is accomplished through the testing procedure and while prospects wait for their glasses to be built, once their correct power has been established.

As a church, you can learn this simple fabrication process in less than eight hours. It provides you with a wonderful missions opportunity to reach out with a ministry of mercy and, at the same time, share the Gospel which is at the heart of the Glasses for Missions vision. It can be done on a local, national, or international level.

The process is simple, the cost is low, the training process is quick, and it can be performed by men or women. Most importantly, the Gospel is advanced!


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