Sep 28

Tract Evangelism posted by John Sorensen on Sep 28, 2015


Some people bash tract evangelism like it’s cold and impersonal, even outdated.  But it works.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International. Dale and George worshipped at the same church. Following a service, Dale gave George a Gospel tract thinking that George could use the tract to evangelize. George took it home with him but instead of sharing it with a friend or a family member, George read it intently. It struck him like a lightning bolt; “I’m not saved!” He then read it to his wife and they both knelt down and made professions of faith in Christ. Today, George and his wife, Joan, are two bold witnesses for Christ. Dale’s intent was that George introduce the tract to a friend. Instead, God introduced George and Joan to Jesus. Tracts, in fact, work.  So don’t hesitate to use them!

Don’t have any on you?  No problem.  We’ll be happy to send you some when you visit us at  And you’ll find other helpful Gospel resources so stay a while and check us out.

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