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Trust in Jesus posted by John Sorensen on Jan 03, 2020


Suppose you were to die tonight and God says to you, ‘why should I let you into My Heaven?’ Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International for Share Life Today. Have you asked someone that question before and gotten an answer involving being a good person and working hard? Sadly, millions of people are relying on their good works to get them to Heaven, missing the point of the Gospel! Listening to their answer to this question will help you proceed in sharing the Gospel. Responding loudly, ‘you’re wrong!’ isn’t going to help the situation, so another approach is needed. You can instead respond with, ‘I understand, and I have the best news for you!’ Identify with the person, telling them that you thought the same as they did before you came to know Jesus. Tell your friend that heaven is an absolutely free gift – they just need to receive it! After all, everyone loves a gift and Jesus is the best gift giver! If you’re having trouble knowing where to start in sharing your faith, visit

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