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Trying to Please God and Myself posted by jwatson on Aug 14, 2015

Your story matters. There’s no doubt about it. When you enter into a conversation about the Lord and His transformational power, your testimony is integral in creating a personal connection and trust with someone. Here’s a testimony from we’d like to share with you today:

Before I received the gift of eternal life I was living a life trying to find self worth and acceptance by others and God. I knew about God, but I always felt I had to earn his acceptance. I worked hard trying to please God and myself. I convinced myself that if I do things that made me successful then God would be happy. It was a “win, win”! I soon found myself doing the things that made me happy really didn’t make God happy. At 24 I lost everything and was feeling even more worthless. I was battling addiction and felt for sure God would now never accept me.

Then I received the gift of eternal life and I found that acceptance!

Trying to get the attention of others and God didn’t work. It only left me miserable and feeling worthless. Now I don’t focus on what others think about me or try hard to prove myself. I no longer carry the weight of stress and worry if I’m accepted or not. I take what God gives me and find I am completely satisfied.

I have so much joy in life now knowing that God accepts me for who I am not for what I can do. Im a completely different person now. And two of the best thing I know now is 1) God accepts me and he offers it for free. 2) I know for certain that I have eternal life and will go to heaven when I die.

Kelly Bashore from Arizona

Have you written your own personal testimony?  It is a great tool to use in witnessing.  We have a “testimony building” website –  Visit this site where you can read the testimonies of score of other Christians as well as receive tips for writing your own testimony.

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