Share Life University

Share Life University is Evangelism Explosion’s online training platform. From
here, you can take courses that will help you confidently and efficiently share
your faith. Ultimately, the goal of any online training course we offer is to
provide you with tools that make it easier to share the Gospel, but we don’t
want you to do it alone! You can’t share the Gospel if you don’t reach out and
talk to people. We were created for community. We work better that way. Get
plugged in with a church who offers Evangelism Explosion training and
connect with other believers who want to share their faith!

Are you a trainer? We recommend starting a class and inviting
others to do it with you! Community is key!

* Start Small – invite one or two friends to join you for the five session course.

*Be Consistent – arrange a weekly opportunity to connect and model how to have a Gospel conversation.

*Build Strong – after the course, go deeper by leading your friends through a local church semester of one of our training tools.

For help finding local churches with Evangelism Explosion, contact: Randall Wood at [email protected]

Click here to get started!

We have partnered with Global Outreach in an effort to get every believer to
become a witness by May of 2020. GO2020 seeks to reach one billion people
with the Gospel of Jesus. Are you ready to be part of this movement? Take
our GO2020 online course to get started as a witness for Christ, then connect
with other believers who want to do the same!