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Unlikely Salvation posted by John Sorensen on Feb 07, 2020


“The most defiant or lost spouse can be transformed in a moment by Jesus.” Do you know who said that? It was a man by the name of Tom Neary, who now a pastor, used to be that defiant, lost spouse. Tom said no one who knew him before Jesus would think he would ever become a pastor. But God did. God used his wife to be the light he would need. Another couple, Elizabeth and George also went through the same struggles. Elizabeth knew the Lord and George did not. But she was persistent. She prayed, forgave George’s mistakes, led their children to Jesus, and finally, George. It took nearly a lifetime, but because Elizabeth lovingly shared the Gospel with her words and her life, they’re now both in Heaven with Jesus for eternity. So, if you’re in a similar situation. Don’t give up. You are exactly who your spouse needs, and God will bless you for bringing them to Jesus. For more, visit Share Life dot Today. That’s Share Life dot Today.

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