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Unsaved Spouse posted by John Sorensen on Feb 03, 2020


As believers in Jesus, our mission in life is to tell others about His grace and forgiveness. And, I know, it really can be a tough job. While it may be a tough job, it’s the most important job. Think about those around you. Do they know Jesus? Who has God entrusted you to share the Gospel with? Maybe it’s your spouse. And while it’s not YOUR job to save them, it is your job to live a life worthy of your calling, as Paul says in Ephesians. So, what does this look like? It looks like being open about your faith in Jesus, and admitting to not knowing all of the answers. It looks like forgiving quickly and not bringing up past sins. It looks like loving your spouse like Jesus loves them, and telling them your motivation behind all of your actions – the Gospel! This week on Share Life Today, we’re talking about witnessing to our unsaved spouses. For more, visit Share Life dot Today. Share Life dot Today.

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