Jul 23

Unstuck posted by John Sorensen on Jul 23, 2019


If anyone could say they felt stuck somewhere, it was Amanda. Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International, for Share Life Today. You see, Amanda was in prison, but without those bars, she may not have met Jesus. She said that’s when she accepted Jesus, got involved with EE and connected the dots that were missing in her life. Amanda says she’s found grace within the walls of prison – that’s something only Jesus could do! She’s sharing what she’s found in Jesus with others, are you? The Gospel sets the prisoner free, so you are certainly not stuck where you are! Use your freedom to share God’s love with others. Ask someone if you can share with them how you’ve felt freedom in knowing Jesus and how Heaven is an absolutely free gift to anyone who will accept it. Remember, the grace you’ve been given is not by anything you have done. It’s only by God’s great mercy that we can be free! If you need help sharing your faith, we have resources and tools to help you do that. Visit ShareLife.Today.

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