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Updates From the Malaysia Office posted by Yuen Woh Voon on Nov 16, 2012

We started our XEE training amongst the EE Malaysia staff members on the 7th of Sept, 2012. The training is held every Friday at 3:30pm and the connect activity (CA) will be on another day of the week. We went for our 3rd CA recently and hope to complete our training before Christmas.

Our new colleague, Stephanie came on board to EE last July. Since she had never been trained in EE, Pastor Voon suggested that we start our own training in the office. I remember saying to Pastor that it is a great idea and it could also be an encouragement to others (eg. churches, schools, offices and even chapels) who are interested in implementing the XEE program in their respective working places.

During our 3 CAs, we managed to share the whole gospel presentation which resulted in 2 professions and 1 assurance. We were also able to share the gospel to my childhood friend and one of my ex-classmate. My trainee, Stephanie also enjoyed the training and I would like to end this report by sharing her opinion on the XEE training.

She said, “XEE is holistic training that does not only focus on sharing the good news but also building friendships. So far, I have enjoyed all the CA’s and to my surprise, people are very open in sharing their life with those who are interested to listen. I have met many amazing people that I would never have had the opportunity to approach outside of CA and the best thing is, I did not have to do it alone!

I am also awestruck by the fact that the XEE material is very interesting and easy to understand. When I shared XEE to my Christian friends, I am often overwhelmed with their feedback. Many if not all of them admit that they don’t know how to share the gospel and are hoping to learn and be equipped. They are excited to know about XEE because they see it as an effective way to share the Gospel accurately.

I was also once worried about not being able to share the gospel to strangers, but now I am able to see that strangers are also people that need Jesus. And strangers only stay as strangers until you say your first hello. In Romans 10:15 it says “And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” I feel blessed to be involved in XEE and more than that, privileged to be involved in The Great Commission and making the love of Jesus known!

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