U.S. Staff

This map shows our field staff across the U.S. Find someone near you and click their name to contact them via email.

img Dr. James Stewart
Regional Coordinator – South
601.906.0700 Email Me
img Rev. Don Workman
USA Staff Coordinator
330.807.9979 Email Me

img Mr. Antonio Zafra
Hispanic Ministry Coordinator
401.617.7093 Email Me
img Susan Reecer
Prayer Network Coordinator
Email Me
img Mr. Bill Sikma
XEE Coordinator
209.612.9478 Email Me
img Mrs. Beth Workman
Children’s Ministries Specialist
330.807.1843 Email Me
img Rev. Art Hallett
Prison EE Director
941.400.9396 Email Me
img Rev. Scot Love
Glasses for Missions Coordinator
828.215.5771 Email Me
img Ms. Patty Webb
Deaf EE Coordinator
904.864.5886 Email Me
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