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Vacation posted by John Sorensen on Jul 12, 2019


Summer vacations are a great time for an escape from the daily grind. They can also provide new opportunities to share your faith in Christ!  Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  When you leave town for your summer vacation, you’ll meet many different people at places like hotels, restaurants, and theme parks.  So, put a Gospel plan in place.  First, before you leave, pray together as a family that God will use you on this trip.  If you have a Bible or two to spare – we all seem to have extras – why not take them with you and ask the Lord to show you who to give them to.  Next, as you’re packing, remember to pack plenty of Gospel tracts.  Then make a conscious point to be intentional to leave them with people you meet like the hotel cleaning staff or your restaurant servers.   You can also ask locals for information on Sunday services which just might lead to a great Gospel conversation.  To help, we’ll throw in a few of free Gospel tracts.  Just go to our website at  That’s

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