Dec 11

Victory posted by John Sorensen on Dec 11, 2020


Victory in Jesus, my Savior, forever… You know that old hymn, right? Well, the words ring true and always will! We have been given certain victory over death through Jesus our Savior. Isaiah twenty five says that the Lord will swallow up death forever, and He has! Because of Jesus’ death for our sins and His resurrection that gives us new life, we no longer have to fear death. That is a big deal! Zina tells us on, that she was scared of where she would end up after she died. A Christian lady witnessed to her and Zina cried out to God. She says that she now knows she doesn’t have to live a life of disappointment but dies daily to herself so she may live eternally! She no longer has fear of death! Do you know someone who needs this hope? If you do, share Jesus with them! Only He can give true peace and salvation. Visit ShareLife.Today to learn how to share your faith. That’s ShareLife.Today.

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