Jan 22

Virtual Visit posted by John Sorensen on Jan 22, 2021


With everyone trying to social distance and limit unnecessary gathering, it’s been difficult to get together and connect with people. Out of caution in the last year, hospitality seems to have taken a very distant backseat. But let me tell you this: it’s not impossible to show hospitality! In fact, Jermaine still welcomes people to visit with him, but now, it’s on Zoom. He has learned to share his faith through Evangelism Explosion and as a result, he had the confidence to call up his grandfather on Zoom and ask if he knew he would go to Heaven one day. His grandfather, Malcolm, told Jermaine he hoped he would be worthy to enter Heaven… by the end of their virtual visit, Malcolm accepted Jesus as his Savior and now he knows for sure he will go to Heaven one day. So, who do you need to have a virtual visit with? Make time for a visit with someone who needs to know Jesus. To learn to share your faith, visit Share Life Dot Today.

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