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Walk in the Fire posted by jwatson on Jun 30, 2011

The needs in Japan are overwhelming following the earthquake, ensuing tsunami, and nuclear meltdown from the damaged Daiichi plant. With devastation on a massive scale, weary survivors battle daily with no running water, no power, food and fuel shortages, and transportation at a standstill. Thank God for wonderful Christian organizations who are attempting to find solutions and temporary relief for the problems such as providing bicycles, food, water, shelter, and clothing.

EE also sees this as a time for the Church of Jesus Christ to demonstrate the love of our Savior by making a lifetime commitment to this country. This is what EE is all about! In a few years, relief organizations will move on, but Evangelism Explosion is taking this opportunity to teach Japanese Christians how to share their faith effectively and remain to build the Church of Jesus Christ that has never been seen in Japan before. Japan has been resistant to the Gospel for years but this unforeseen event will create opportunities to draw many Japanese to the only Savior who can save them from their sin.

EE’s National Coordinator in Japan, Pastor Tomo Yamanaka, wrote a recent letter to EE explaining the current shift and long-term need:

Since the Christian population is less than one percent in Japan, Christian workers on the front lines are few. Most of them are willing, but they do not know how to share the Gospel. Right now, they are consumed with the physical needs of the people hit by the earthquake and tsunami.

My goal is clear: Equip Christian aid workers to share the Gospel, who will equip others that the Gospel will multiply, offer relief, and demonstrate the love of Christ.

EE was the resource God used to regenerate me 19 years ago when I was studying in the USA. At that time, there were no EE materials translated into Japanese.

As of today, we have conducted several Share Your Faith workshops and Adult EE clinics in our churches and other locations. Other seminar training sessions are ongoing.

Following this catastrophe, my wife and I have talked, prayed, and I am ready to leave all the securities as a pastor behind and step into a new phase of life. We have served as church planters for the past ten years. God has given us success, and we love the work. Yet, the reality of having so many dysfunctional churches and pastors in Japan, and the pain and suffering from this natural disaster, is weighing heavy on our hearts.

I am willing to leave my full-time pastoral position behind and prioritize my time and energy to equip the Japanese people with the Gospel through EE on a full-time basis. Can it be that God gave me 10 years of pastoral experience as preparation “for such a time as this?”

Please give us instruction for our next steps. We are ready to serve.

In His mercy,
Pastor Tomo Yamanaka

We hope this encourages you to get involved. For more information on how you can help spread the Gospel in Japan “for such a time as this”, visit our Aiding Japan webpage.

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