Apr 16

Walking The Hill posted by John Sorensen on Apr 16, 2019


Was Jesus’ life taken from Him or was it given for us?

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International for Share Life Today. You see, while Jesus had to suffer and die at the hands of sinners, His life wasn’t taken from Him. He freely gave up His life for you and me. The road to the cross was marked with torture we can’t fully understand – beating, scourging and complete separation from the Father. But Jesus, with love we’ll never deserve, walked up the hill to the cross so that we could be called sons and daughters of the King. This incredible love can only be given by God – we could never earn it. So, what can we do with this truth? Tell it to everyone we can! The Gospel message was paid for by the blood of Jesus – we cannot keep our mouths shut about it! If you know the Lord Jesus, it’s your job to tell others about His great mercy and love. If you need resources to help you share your faith, visit ShareLife.Today.

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