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We are Debtors – We Owe the Gospel! posted by jwatson on Feb 15, 2012

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EE headquaters received the following letter a few days ago and couldn’t help but share it. It is a wonderful and encouraging perspective. May it bless and encourage you as it has for us:

Dear EE family,

We pray together at the EE offices, every morning at 9:00. We pray for the day, for our fieldworkers and for the leadership clinics that are going to take place during the week/week-end. We confess that we will not be able to do our jobs if we are not blessed or actively led by God on a daily basis.

This morning one member of the group read from Romans 1:14: “I am a debtor…” says Paul … “I am bound to both Greeks and non-Greeks, both to the wise and the foolish.” Those who are bound by the message of the Gospel, are well aware that this message is larger than just one person.

All around the table there was agreement when she confessed: “I am a debtor – I owe the Gospel to the children of this region!” We all confirmed: “We are debtors – we owe the Gospel.”

May your congregations’ new year’s resolutions be – “We are debtors!

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