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We Need You! posted by jwatson on Jul 29, 2013

Carlos Reyes is the Capitol Hill liaison for the D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship in Washington, D.C.


I believe that we are approaching the precipice of the culture war.  Most Christians in our nation agree that we are experiencing the greatest moral decline of this century.  Unfortunately, however, most people will only stand by the wayside proclaiming what needs to be done, rather than doing something about it.  Will you take action with us at CCS?  Clearly this decline is not what our country’s Founding Fathers intended.

Our Founding Fathers intended that Jesus Christ would be the basis for the moral fabric of this nation–not simply because this is a good idea but because Jesus is the Truth!  Liberty is a God-given right that flows only from God.  The truest form of liberty is a relationship with Jesus Christ, and our founders knew that.  In the words of John Adams, our Constitution was made for a “moral and religious people”.   If anyone understood what was necessary for the strength, health, and liberty of a nation, it was John Adams.  We at CCS are inviting you to join a cause greater than any political campaign or Congressional race;  we are inviting you to partner with us as we help transform our fellow citizens into the moral and religious people envisioned by Adams.

The D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship exists for the purpose of sharing the gospel with our leaders–the Members of our US Congress–and the staffers and interns who work for them by our introducing them to the transforming power of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We need you!  We need your prayer support, and we need your financial support in order for us to hire young men and women to be full time CCS workers whose mission is to build strong relationships with our leaders and future leaders in order to earn the right to share the gospel with them.  Can you imagine having a team of 25 of us to pray for, encourage, listen to, and share the gospel with those who work on Capitol Hill all day, every day!  Imagine the possibility of a whole host of lives transformed in our capital city!  We are excited by this vision, and we hope that you are also!  You can make that happen by partnering with us today.  Now is the time;  Washington, DC is the place! Will you partner with us?

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