Jul 29

Wealthy Beyond Belief posted by John Sorensen on Jul 29, 2015


Does the Bible tell us we’re not to store up treasures?  Well, no, it doesn’t.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  The Bible, in fact, commands us to store up treasures…to be rich.  Storing up treasures in heaven and being rich in good deeds are Scriptural goals for the follower of Jesus Christ.  The words of Jesus in Matthew 6 and Paul’s counsel in 1 Timothy 6 could not be any clearer.   At the top of both of these lists…treasure and good deeds…that’s the simple activity of sharing the Gospel with people that the Lord brings into our lives.  For those who are interested in biblical wealth, eternal riches, forever treasures, the best avenue to pursue is to learn how to effectively share the Gospel.

There is no greater treasure in this life than witnessing a person who’s dead in sin become alive in Christ through the power of the Gospel.  That’s being wealthy beyond belief and anyone can do it.  Visit to begin that journey and watch my interview for a first hand testimony.

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