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Weavers Training Ready to Roll in Singapore posted by jwatson on Dec 29, 2011

Singapore will conduct its first Weavers EE Level 1 Workshop on February 20-24, 2012 by a team from EE International, U.S. This workshop will focus on training four key groups of people:

  1. The elderly (Cantonese, Hokkien, Teo Chew),
  2. Immigrant workers (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh),
  3. Domestic workers/helpers (Indonesia, Philippines),
  4. Prisoners.

Weavers is specifically designed for effective personal evangelism and indigenous multiplication among a large segment of the world’s ethnic groups. It is especially well suited for non-western religious cultures where a highly interactive and storytelling approach works best.

Weavers “weaves” Bible storytelling and discussion into conversations in ways that lead to Good News encounters.

Participants in Weavers learn to listen well, share their experience with God in ways that make sense to others and use discussions about the narratives of Scripture to help people begin living a whole new life with God.

It’s simple but not simplistic, as profound and powerful as God’s Word. In Weavers Level 1, participants become adept at telling and discussing God’s Story using five Bible narratives: God’s purpose in creation, the tragedy that ruined everything, repentance and forgiveness for peace with God, the life- changing work of Jesus and entering into a life with God.

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