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“Well done, good and faithful servant.” posted by jwatson on Jul 15, 2013

Is that what you live for?

Ask yourself this:  Are you being a light to the world? We wake up to new challenges and new experiences every day. Throughout your journey, does the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ shine? It did for these men, and it can for you when you are trained in EE.

Al Mohler, President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“As a young Christian trying to understand how I could share my faith, I was looking for tools and training but didn’t even know what to ask for. One of the happiest moments of my life was being trained in EE. Those two questions refer to the most important two questions a human being can be asked. Thank you EE for helping us all to be found more faithful.”

Luis Palau, Evangelist, Luis Palau Association

“EE is one of those God-given plans that we all rejoice over, promote, pray for and use. I have used the EE diagnostic questions to great effect many many times. Let’s keep using the basic, good Gospel of Jesus Christ that EE promotes so beautifully. The world is desperate for this Good News.”

Governor Mike Huckabee, Host of Huckabee on Fox News Channel

“I can’t think of anyone who was more of a pioneer in bringing America back to understanding its heritage from a spiritual perspective than D. James Kennedy. I refer to the application of the Gospel. Jesus made it very clear that we, believers, are the light of the world. The ultimate way to change America is not by passing more laws, but by changing people into the character of Christ. The ministry of EE in helping to bring people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ so that they can see their own worth and purpose before God may be one of the most significant ways that America will be changed.”


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