Aug 28

Weyman is WAY cool. posted by jwatson on Aug 28, 2012

Pastor Weyman McGuire

Weyman McGuire is a pastor who does not mess around and draws straight lines between his EE ministry and the growth of his church.

Following his 18th semester of EE training at his previous church, from 2002 to 2012, he reports the following:

  • 2,373 homes visited
  • 1,533 Gospel presentations
  • 455 professions of faith in Christ

The impact on the church during this timeframe:

  • worship attendance increased 24 percent
  • mid-week attendance increased 10-fold
  • children’s attendance increased from 4 to 69
  • giving tripled

Weyman is a multiplier of the highest order. Today, the Lord has called him to grow another church, Grace on the Hill in Corbin, Kentucky, training pastors in EE from several different denominations in his county.

Try EE at your church—We are here to assist you!

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