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“What Happens to the People Who Never Hear?” posted by John Sorensen on Oct 01, 2021


What about the people who’ve never heard about Jesus? Do they go to hell? You may have heard this question before or even asked it yourself. The real question deals with the perceived unfairness of God. It might go something like this, “How can a just God punish people if they haven’t heard of Jesus?” The truth is God reveals Himself to everyone in a myriad of ways. The Bible has given us three great examples of how God lovingly reaches the unbeliever and arranges what I like to call “divine appointments.” He used dreams to reach Cornelius the Centurion, He caused an earthquake to reach the Philippian jailer, and he used the book of Isaiah to reach the Ethiopian Eunuch. And, He sent people to share the Good News of Jesus with each of these. Remember, if God ordains the ends, meaning our salvation, then He also ordains the means. And sometimes, we’re that means. It’s a privilege to share the Gospel with others! Learn more about how to answer this objection at share life dot today.

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