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What is the good news? … JESUS! posted by jwatson on Dec 01, 2011

That’s how the kids respond to the question, and they’re right. The gospel is not a system, a book of rules, a way of life or a culture, but a PERSON.

” … Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” John 17:3 NIV

I have to constantly remind myself that people don’t just simply respond to the message, they in fact respond to God. If I want to be accurate in my presentation of the gospel, I must ensure that I am accurate in my portrayal of God.

While contemplating the person of God and His character, I was awed at how the simple presentation given to D. James Kennedy by the Lord spoke about each of the “splendors of the King” – those things that draw people into a relationship with Him.

In the next few articles I’d like to take a closer look at God’s:

  • Holiness
  • His desire for Peace and Harmony in relationships
  • His Faithfulness to His promises and covenant
  • His Power to set us free from all kind of evil
  • His sacrificial Love and Grace
  • His Sovereignty
  • and His abundant, generous Providence

And how these affect our individual response to Him, and how that response is reflected in our unique personal testimony.

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