Sep 24

When Values Replace Truth posted by John Sorensen on Sep 24, 2019


When sharing our faith, we shouldn’t be surprised when someone says that our world is too culturally diverse to have one standard of morality or absolute truth.  But the reality is that truth is truth whether we believe it or not.  Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  WWII gives us a stark example of moral relativism.  The Nazis were put on trial for their crimes against humanity. Their defense was that they were just following the German law of the land; Jews had no value and were not considered persons under the law and therefore the taking of Jewish life was not a crime. Now what did the prosecution use to combat this defense? They appealed to a “natural law” a moral law that all people have a right to life. They appealed to a truth that is universal and cross-cultural that exists outside of whatever laws society may create.  So, if it was a moral law that convicted the Nazis, must there be a moral law Giver?  To learn more, watch our video at

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