Jan 12

When You Need It posted by John Sorensen on Jan 12, 2021


“With COVID, it is easier today to share Christ one on one than ever before.” If that statement seems crazy to you, listen to some of Robin’s stories! He told us that it’s been easier to witness during the COVID crisis because doors are open! People are home more in general and have a little more time to devote to conversation. He said people who may have never thought about or considered death, are now more aware of it because of this pandemic. And while that may seem morbid, people need hope and that is exactly what the Gospel of Jesus brings. So, the next time you are not sure if you should start a Gospel conversation, just try it and see. Take it from Robin – he says this: “Every time I needed God, He’s been there. He just brings people.” So, look for opportunities and know that the Lord will provide the hope. To learn to share the hope of Jesus, visit us online at Share Life Dot Today. That’s Share Life Dot Today.

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