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Where is the prophetic voice in today’s church? posted by jwatson on Jan 07, 2014

Does the church have a prophetic voice in the community? Or has that been squashed in the name of tolerance or even apathy? There is no means of changing our nation, our culture and our community than by changing the hearts of men through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A pastor at a recent EE training event discovered the openness of individuals to the Gospel during EE on-the-job (OJT) training and exclaimed with great excitement, “This is the pastor I have always wanted to be!”

EE President, John Sorensen, says, “People will not flock in the doors with approaches like seeker sensitive services. Instead, we must engage with people and share the Gospel with them.”

Start the New Year with a new resolve. Get trained to share your faith in Christ boldly and confidently.

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