Aug 18

Which Is Right? posted by John Sorensen on Aug 18, 2015


Many people ask which church is right?  Well, the answer is easy. The church that places Jesus Christ’s Person and work at the center!

Hi, I’m John Sorensen President of Evangelism Explosion International.  Anything that anyone does to put the work and Person of Jesus Christ on the sidelines is not the will of God. The purpose of the church and evangelism is to bring people into an eternal relationship with the One True God, through the work of Jesus Christ.  Pastor Jon Nielson says that’s not up to the pastor alone.  Parents need to be preaching the Gospel to their children and living it out before them if they have hopes of seeing them in church through adulthood!  He believes another factor is teaching them to share the Gospel and disciple a new believer.  And both factors require a solid Bible believing, preaching church and evangelism training.

To read Pastor Nielson’s article and watch his interview, visit Share  He makes a compelling argument with his three factors for keeping Youth in church.

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