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Who can I share my faith with? posted by Yuen Woh Voon on Nov 14, 2011

Some folks seem to find difficulties in securing prospects (friends we can share our faith with) while others are simply “flowing” with prospects they can call on when they are needed during EE training.
I have discovered that obtaining prospects to share with is more of a skill that can be learned rather than a gift that some folks possess.

With the application of simple connecting principles that can be learned in EE training, any believer can improve their skills in obtaining prospects, have a pleasant conversation with them and share their faith. Whether the prospect makes a profession, the conversation can end in a friendly manner and with a future appointment fixed in some cases.

Here are some suggestions of people we can approach to connect with, build friendship and share our faith:
• Current and old friends.
• Fellow students in school or colleagues at the office.
• Relatives and family members (in-laws double those in this group!)
• Associates, business clients, suppliers, bankers.
• Neighbors
• Fellow members of country or social clubs e.g. fishing buddies, exercise/gym club members.
• Business and residential community in the vicinity of the church
• Contacts created via community projects
• Visitors to the church, whether its regular meetings or at special outreach events like concerts, picnics, etc.
• People who serve you e.g. your barber/hairdresser, newspaper vendor, mechanic, gardener, insurance agent, stock broker, banker, milkman, etc.
• Contacts on your mobile or cell phones.
• Any of the above belonging to a fellow church or cell-group member.

You can meet your prospect at their homes, in restaurants, coffee houses, even at the local community swimming pool or recreational park; anywhere you can have a casual conversation in a relaxed atmosphere.

Remember: you don’t have to share everything in one visit. Multiple visits often help build lasting friendships and relax everyone. Whatever you do, please enjoy yourself. If you put pressure on yourself and members of your EE team, the prospect will feel it and tension will result. Easy or pressured decisions do not last. Allow the Holy Spirit to work in the prospects’ lives. Their decision has eternal consequences and cannot be rushed!

“He who wins souls is wise.” Proverbs 11:30

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