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Whom you follow defines how you lead. posted by jwatson on Jul 28, 2011

Now, more than ever, America needs the courage, compassion, and convictions of men and women who follow Christ’s lead. the Center for Christian statesmanship is not here to ask for favors, promote a political agenda, or take sides in the partisan debate. Our presence on Capitol Hill has one mission only—to serve our nation’s leaders and their staffs. With Christ as our example, we encourage Christian statesmanship through three vital areas of outreach:


Each day, we enter the halls of Congress and government offices to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our nation’s leaders. The CENTER serves all who have genuine questions about biblical truth or desire a deeper relationship with Christ. Because we are a non-partisan ministry outreach, doors open, political differences disappear, and the Gospel message we share is strong and unclouded.



The CENTER offers public servants unique ministry resources to enhance their service to our Lord and to our nation. Through evangelism and discipleship training, we equip leaders to more effectively share their faith in the public arena.



Leaders today often wonder if they can even acknowledge God without violating the Constitution. However, our CENTER believes the principles and practices of Christian statesmanship so prevalent at the birth of our nation can be re-established today. By encouraging the essential link between personal faith and public life, we empower leaders with Christ’s love and call them to embrace America’s heritage of Christian statesmanship again—when our nation needs it most.



How should a Christian statesman act? In what ways can a Member of Congress apply personal faith to public policy? How can a Christian in public service be an effective witness for Christ? These CENTER resources help our nation’s leaders find the answers:

Capitol Hill Bible Studies and Events. Members of Congress, government leaders, and their staffs receive sound biblical teaching and encouragement through Bible studies held right on Capitol Hill. Special events such as our Politics and Principle luncheon series feature leading Christian statesmen who share candid, off-the- record examples of how their personal faith connects with their public service.

Prayer Power. Every month, the CENTER’s Washington Prayer Calendar lists the names of congressional members and staff for whom prayer is sought, and the calendar is distributed by mail and by internet to Christians across the country—believers who are committed to praying daily for those in authority on Capitol Hill.

On-the-Job Inspiration. Taking “time out” to redirect focus to spiritual matters and find fresh inspiration is crucial to leading a life of faith. Each week a new and timely devotional message, The 60 Second Compass, is available on our website. The inspirational messages are based upon the sermons of our founder, the late Dr. D. James Kennedy.

Statesman Website. Our website provides easy access to general information about the CENTER and up-to-date scheduling details about Bible studies, special events, and other Christian activities. The resource site of choice for many on Capitol Hill, also includes a complimentary Christian Statesman Research Service offering historical information and quotes.

Retreats. The CENTER’s Evangelism Explosion weekend retreats equip believers with the practical tools they need to confidently share their faith with others on Capitol Hill. Such retreats not only provide spiritual training, but they also promote relationship-building with other believers who are also public servants.

Intern Outreach. This vital program encourages and uplifts interns, who often work without recognition or appreciation, and reminds them that truly knowing God makes humble service possible.

Church Relations. This program helps government staffers become actively involved members of healthy evangelical churches in the Washington area. The CENTER also seeks to introduce local churches to Evangelism Explosion training by offering to teach one- day Share Your Faith workshops.

Distinguished Christian Statesman Award.  Every year, the CENTER recognizes one outstanding individual with this highly respected award. With Members of Congress, Hill staffers, and national media in attendance, the event elevates the ideals of Christian statesmanship and honors faith, virtue, and excellence in public service.

Hospitality House on the Hill. The CENTER’s Hospitality House offers “calm in the storm”, a place of refuge, of tranquility, and of Christian fellowship for the Hill Staffers. Just a few minutes’ walk from the Capitol, this lovely Victorian row house serves as a venue for hosting Bible studies, coffees, teas, receptions, luncheons, and dinners for the Capitol Hill community, including Members of Congress.


God is working in powerful ways in the halls of Congress and in other government institutions too. Using the Center for Christian statesmanship as a vehicle, He is opening doors and hearts. Whether you labor in the spotlight or behind the scenes, we are dedicated to your nurture. Your life and our nation can be transformed through the love of Christ!

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