Apr 11

Why I Love Working with EE – Part 2 of 3 posted by Yuen Woh Voon on Apr 11, 2012

I would like to share with you something that has been a huge blessing to me for over 20 years. My life and service to God was radically transformed when I received the EE training.

In this series of blogs, I refer to EE either as a training tool or to the network of believers who use this tool. Let me share with you why I would love to continue to work with EE. See Part 1 of 3.


By definition, the Great Commission is a huge task i.e. to make disciples of “ALL” nations (“people-groups”). And how big a job is that? This job is bigger than any single church. EE helps me to see beyond my own community, my own nation and into the 17,000 people-groups worldwide, some 40% of which are still “unreached.”

It is difficult to possess the “all nations” mentality when all that we do to serve the Lord is only to build our own local church. Don’t get me wrong. Every believer should have, as his or her priority to serve in the local church. That is the beginning of Christian service. It is where we are prepared to serve, where our skills and character are honed. But maturity in Christian service must be to take responsibility for the gospel to be preached in “all nations.”

Serving with EE allows me to train believers and leaders outside my own local church. The job to reach the world cannot be accomplished by me or my church alone. It is not enough if every single believer in my church is actively sharing his faith. We need every believer in every church to do his part to save the world. When my church members and I are invited to go to another church to train others, it gives us a better perspective of the Great Commission. We are happy when someone is saved even when he joins another church. We learn to value the contribution of every church in fulfilling the Great Commission.

EE also unites believers and pastors across denomination and national lines. Just this past month several EE trained folks from different churches worked together to conduct an XEE training semester at a seminary in Malaysia. Groups of EE trained folks from different churches regularly assist at clinics conducted in other churches.

I also count it a privilege that our EE leaders are invited to minister in churches across many different denominations. EE is a common platform that unites all of us because it is the gospel of Jesus Christ.


EE pools together various resources for the work of the gospel. These resources are used effectively and efficiently when we design, plan and print training materials that can be used widely to train people of different age groups, languages, specific faith backgrounds and even those with special learning abilities.

EE’s Hope For Kids materials are used to train thousands of children all around the world to share their faith. The use of EE Weavers is increasing as more and more oral learners are being trained. XEE, Classic EE, EV2, Share Your Faith materials have specific targets and those who use these materials find them very helpful. These materials have been and are being translated into many languages for use throughout the world.

Funds and man-hours poured into the EE ministry inevitably become very effective when we consider the number of believers that can be trained and the souls that are saved. Every year EE trains thousands of believers all over the world. During these trainings, millions make professions of faith in Christ.

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