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Witnessing Doesn’t Have to Be Scary posted by Evangelism Explosion on Oct 20, 2020

What would you consider to be a successful Halloween? Perhaps it’s an empty candy bowl left by “trick-or-treaters”, the smiles on dozens of happy faces, or perhaps it just an early bedtime for your own children. But consider this: Halloween might just be a wonderful time for you to share your faith.

“Halloween is an easy way to meet neighbors that you wouldn’t get to otherwise! You just have to make an effort to follow up,” said Natasha.

Natasha is well versed in Evangelism Explosion, and utilizes her training whenever she can, especially on Halloween. She seeks out ways to begin Gospel conversations with her neighbors. On one particular Halloween, she met a new neighbor while out trick-or-treating with her children. In fact, if it hadn’t been for Halloween, they probably never would have met. This neighbor lived at the very end of the street and was rarely out. When they met, Natasha introduced herself and struck up a conversation. She then followed up the next day with cookies and a note. What began as play dates for their children turned into Bible studies and a Gospel conversation!

Sounds wonderful, right?  But the truth is that starting conversations like this can sometimes be scary.  Let me encourage you to try what Natasha tried.

Opportunities to start conversations on Halloween are more than available (they may even show up right at your doorstep).  Is there another day that you can walk through your neighborhood, and be guaranteed open doors?

You can measure whether or not you have had a successful Halloween by asking yourself, “did I make an effort to begin a Gospel conversation?” Remember to be considerate of others’ time and notice if they need to leave (children can be quite anxious to get to their next stop for a treat)!

It’s unlikely that that you will be able to have a full conversation – just make your best effort to gain a contact for follow up. Natasha did this, and it made for a very successful Halloween and a lasting friendship!

Try to avoid anything that would get in the way of you sharing your faith.  So, wash your hands, wear a mask (it is Halloween, after all) and be a witness.

Here are some suggestions to help with your Gospel-filled Halloween:

  • If you plan on being home and opening your door to “trick-or-treaters”, make sure to have hand sanitizer available.
  • Consider passing out children’s Gospel tracts to go along with candy. Perhaps you could wrap these up with the candy.
  • If your church is having a “trunk-or-treat” or a fall festival, invite your neighbors and unsaved loved ones to join you.
  • Try reverse trick-or-treating, where you pass out packages of tracts and candy to those that give you candy.

These can be great ways to teach your children the importance of sharing the Gospel and becoming way of life witnesses.

Even during these uncertain days of the pandemic, we still have the same mission: to share the Gospel of Jesus! For that to happen, we need to become intentional witnesses.  Perhaps Halloween is a great start!

Witnessing doesn’t have to be scary.

Let us know how you are planning to begin a Gospel conversation! You can share your story with us on Facebook.

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