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XEE, Ev2, SYF Revitalize Training in U.S. posted by jwatson on Oct 26, 2012

Across America, the new EE training tools have revitalized interest in pastors to equip their people for evangelism. Four of those new tools include the Hope for Kids training (HFK), XEE training events, Everyday Evangelism launches (Ev2) and the Share Your Faith Workshop.

Rev. Scott Smith, an EE Area Assistant in Toledo, Ohio reported 50 participants at one Share Your Faith Workshop in the Detroit area. They represented four churches and the multiplication possibilities from this one workshop are endless. Scott left them with the charge to equip their kids through our HFK ministry.

Scott Smith teaching at workshop in Detroit area.

Other training events are taking place in South Carolina, Massachusetts, California, Colorado, Oregon, Florida and many other states.

These four ministries are also going outside the boundaries of America. XEE, a DVD-driven training tool for the younger generation, has been translated into German and Mandarin. It is in the final stages of translation into Russian and Finnish languages.

Hope for Kids training materials have been translated into 22 different languages including languages unfamiliar to most Americans like:

• The Asian languages of Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada

• The African languages of Chichewa, Malagasy and Swahili

Hope for Kids has distributed more than 880,000 Pathway to Hope witnessing tools around the world in efforts to reach 20 million kids with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr. John B. Sorensen calls this upsurge in ministry an “unprecedented time in the history of the EE ministry as we strive to reach every person with the Gospel.”

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