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Xee in Chinese posted by Yuen Woh Voon on Jul 20, 2012

EE is happy to announce that a Malaysian team, with the assistance of members of the production staff at the EE International office in North Carolina, has completed the translation of the Xee materials and DVD into Mandarin.

The printed materials have also been illustrated with Asian faces and scenery. Parts of the DVD have been re-shot with Mandarin speakers while the rest of the DVD has been sub-titled.

 You may view a sample of the DVD here:

XEE in Mandarin from EE Video on Vimeo.

Xee is an entirely fresh, innovative and exciting product of the Evangelism Explosion equipping ministry. It is focused on equipping Gen-X & Gen-Y believers to share their faith, using the “authentic learning” approach.

 Plans are that Xee in Chinese will first be promoted to existing Classic and Youth EE teacher-trainers via 2-day Crossover Trainings much like how Xee in English was first introduced. Four Crossovers have been planned i.e. 2 each in Malaysia and China.

The first of these 4 Crossovers was completed at the Gospel Chapel in Kuala Lumpur at the end of June 2012 with 17 teacher-trainers from 8 different churches.

Subsequently, Xee will be introduced to Chinese church leaders via 3.5-day clinics (also called “Facilitators Training”). At these Xee Clinics, church leaders will be trained to equip their church members to share their faith in 13-week semesters.

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