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XEE – The NeXt Generation posted by jwatson on Jul 06, 2009

I always enjoy chatting with Adam Bond, Director for XEE Expansion, here in USA. He had plenty to say about XEE and what’s going on with this ministry.

“We are starting to hear some incredible stories of how XEE is impacting people around North America,” he said. According to Adam, the most profound indicator of XEE’s impact is implementation. Among those pastors that attend an XEE two-day Launch, 95 percent of them implement the XEE tool in their churches.

Adam talked with an elder from a church near Indianapolis who cannot wait to implement XEE at his church. “This excitement typifies how people feel about XEE,” Adam shared. “We are just scratching the surface in terms of understanding what we have in XEE.”

By any standard, XEE is leading the way; generationally, it is being adopted by all ages. Educationally, it presents unique methods that work, and its communication platform makes connecting and relationship building enjoyable. Ultimately, it provides more opportunities to share the Gospel. Many people are intrigued by XEE’s approach. “The ongoing development of XEE is only hindered by the number of hours in the day!” Adam explained. The collaborative effort and growing relationships with local churches have made discovering new and very creative ways to share the Gospel extremely successful. “I personally believe that God has HUGE plans for XEE in the next few years,” Adam shared excitedly. People just love XEE when they first hear about it.

As XEE continues to develop, please pray for:

  • Its success
  • The leaders training others
  • Those making professions of faith in Christ
  • And that Jesus Christ would be glorified.

You can check out the website at: or log onto the Facebook page for XEE NA here.

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