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Xee Training in China posted by John Sorensen on Dec 06, 2012

Recently a Malaysian team introduced Xee into mainland China. The translation of Xee into Mandarin for the Chinese churches was completed this fall.  And upon completion the team immediately went to work introducing Xee to some 50 pastors and church leaders in Malaysia.

There were some 48 participants at the training in China.

Xee is an entirely fresh, innovative and exciting product of the Evangelism Explosion equipping ministry.  It was primarily designed to reach those of Generation X and younger.

Xee aims to not only serve as a tool for witnessing, but to also bring about life-change with the goal of making witnessing a way-of-life, and to train others to do the same.

The learning was fun and was enjoyed by everyone.  The participants were put through role-plays, quizzes, demonstrations and writing practices in a fun-filled interactive environment.

Participants writing out the gospel outline
as part of the training

Xee is not taught in a lecture format, but is highly interactive via group discussions and viewing the teaching DVD.  Participants enjoy sharing their thoughts on issues and ideas and putting concepts and gospel illustrations in their own words.

Participants viewing the teaching DVD

Each participant was given 8 packs of materials to take home so that they can train at least 8 others in Xee.  They have promised to report within 3 months the number of people they have trained and the number of souls saved.

After that we will need to find the funds to print even more materials!

God is great!

Distributing the Xee materials to
take home and train others













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