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You Can Impact Cuba for Christ! posted by jwatson on Sep 03, 2015

Up until now, there has been no formal EE training offered for EE field workers in Cuba.  It’s time to change that.  With your help they will be better equipped and more confident in their mission.  $7,700 is needed for the first ever, formal, long-term EE field worker training in Cuba.
Along dusty roads, you can hear them. Bicycle chains whirl against rusty chain rings as people pedal to their next destinations. They are not wearing cycling gear as one might expect. Men wear their finest slacks and shirts. Women wear their Sunday best in skirts and blouses. But it’s not Sunday. And it’s not athletic training. It’s EE training for committed Cuba Christ followers.

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These committed EE field workers have not had the opportunity to learn how to increase their efficiency or how to more effectively reach other pastors, communities and churches.  You can help change that with a gift toward this first ever field worker training.
Some cycle. Some use ox-driven carts. Some jump on the backs of random trucks and a few have cars. But this is about life and death—eternal life and eternal death.  What’s a little inconvenience? Nothing will stop them. That’s the commitment of Cuban believers who dare to share their faith amidst circumstances that are hard to imagine. Cuba is the most active and organized EE ministry in all of Latin America in spite of many restrictions and few resources.


The average salary for a pastor and his family is $25 per month. There is no capacity to pay for the training or for travel expenses. Waiting to attend are people representing 16 different Cuba provinces, covering the east, central and west regions. Money is needed for transportation, meals, materials and lodging.
Something lurks in the murky, brown river waters as they wait for baptism. It is life. One-by-one they go down, come up to new life in Christ and then return home where they raise pigs and chickens to help feed their families. Those who attend the unique training event will help to offset their expenses by bringing the only resources they have, such as rice to help cover some of the meals during the training.


The goal is to raise $30,000 of which $22,300 is raised. Another $7,700 more is needed to train these field workers who are willing to go. Would you please help send them with your gift today?
The four-week training event will dramatically impact Cuba for Christ on a level never experienced before. The newly trained field workers will grow in spiritual life and development. They will learn new, key teaching components and be taught master planning. They will refine their skills in evangelism, encouragement and in guiding pastors to equip their congregations for the work of the Great Commission.

With your support we can help take EE field workers in Cuba to the next level in their training. They desperately need your help.


EE Field Worker Training—Cuba 2015
More than 20 people attending representing 16 Cuba provinces
The need is $7,700


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