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Youth Leaving Church posted by John Sorensen on Aug 17, 2015


Studies show between 61 and 88% of youth end up walking away from the church by their late teens and early twenties.

Hi, I’m John Sorensen, President of Evangelism Explosion International.  We can all agree those statistics are alarming. So, what do we do?  According to Jon Nielson, a campus pastor, he believes that there are at least three factors that will keep youth in church through adulthood.  One factor is to make sure that we focus on equipping and not entertaining.  Using Ephesians chapter 4 – we see that Christ has given teachers to the church to equip the saints, to build up the body – and not to simply entertain them.  So, Nielson says that if he’s not equipping the students in his ministry to share the Gospel, disciple a younger believer, and lead a Bible study, then he hasn’t fulfilled his calling to them, no matter how good his sermons have been.

What we need are young people who are equipped to teach, lead and serve.  To find out Jon’s two other factors that he believes will keep youth in church, watch our interview at

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