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Pass It Along posted by John Sorensen on Mar, 18

Children are the future of the church, aren't they? One day, they'll be able to advance the Kingdom if we can invest in their future, right? Wrong. Here's the flaw in what I just said: Children aren't the future church, they ARE the church. Right now. God can use anyone, no matter their age to advance His Kingdom and spread the Gospel. Here's what's true: we do need to invest in childre...  Read the full post ( 407 words, estimated 1:38 mins reading time )

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Church Strives to engage in weekly Gospel Conversations posted by jwatson on Mar, 14

Since its founding, Brookstone Church in Asheville, North Carolina, has had a vision for evangelism. But today, they are putting feet to that vision. Their goal? Train 1,000 adults and teenagers to engage in a spiritual conversation at least once each week. “We believe that God has called us to share the Gospel with every man, woman, and child in our community,” says Pastor Jim Dykes....  Read the full post ( 500 words, estimated 2:00 mins reading time )

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Step Up to Disciple posted by John Sorensen on Mar, 11

How important is discipleship to you? As a follower of Jesus, it's vital to both be discipled and to disciple others. We must grow in our faith if we're going to be effective for the Kingdom. has an article that talks about mentorship from a secular perspective. Laurence Bradford, a Forbes contributor, says that people who are mentored can benefit from the insights gained through y...  Read the full post ( 449 words, estimated 1:48 mins reading time )

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Means of Growth posted by John Sorensen on Mar, 4

Have you tried to read any product labels recently?  Talk about complicated!  It seems like the more advancement we make, the more complicated we make things. Unfortunately, the same complicated approach is infiltrating our spiritual lives too. It’s time to get back to the basics.  The product label on the Spiritual Growth package contains five words:  Bible, pray...  Read the full post ( 416 words, estimated 1:40 mins reading time )

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Remembering Rev. Dr. John (Jack) William Chinchen posted by John Sorensen on Feb, 28

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. Jack Chinchen, who made a profound impact in the Kingdom of God in Africa and beyond through his radio ministry and service as a pastor. Please allow me to express my gratitude to Jack and the entire Chinchen family for the work done to produce the tremendous leaders that have come from the three campuses of the African Bible College. I truly bel...  Read the full post ( 859 words, estimated 3:26 mins reading time )

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Keeping up with the Joneses posted by John Sorensen on Feb, 25

Are you keeping up with the Joneses? Everywhere you go, you see the latest trends. Thanks to the media, especially social media, everyone can see what everyone else is wearing, listening to, watching and their opinions of it all. It’s so easy to get caught up in all of it. Every year there’s a new iPhone release. By the summer, your once new car is replaced with next years' model. Headpho...  Read the full post ( 487 words, estimated 1:57 mins reading time )

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Search and Rescue posted by John Sorensen on Feb, 19

It was cold, dark and scary. They didn't know if they would ever see their families, or even sunlight, again. It's cold in a cave. Even colder when you can't see around you and the uncertainty of ever being able to get out looms over you. No one should have to be in this situation, much less a bunch of young boys who were just out hiking with their friends. You've heard this story, haven't yo...  Read the full post ( 470 words, estimated 1:53 mins reading time )

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God’s Love Builds Bridges posted by John Sorensen on Feb, 11

Do you realize that God is in the business of reconciliation? Just recently, a sweet couple was trained in Evangelism Explosion after coming to know the Lord. Sunny and Roshna graduated from their EE classes and immediately began sharing the Gospel. They were converted to Jesus from their former religion, and, do you know where they started sharing the Gospel? At their former place of worship! Ro...  Read the full post ( 521 words, estimated 2:05 mins reading time )

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What is Love? posted by John Sorensen on Feb, 4

You know that noise your smoke detector makes when it needs new batteries? It causes some annoyance and anxiety, doesn’t it? That piercing noise just may be the most annoying sound in the world! No one wants to be around that! You know, sometimes we can be that loud noise no one wants to hear. The Apostle Paul says we can do very good things, but if our words are not spoken out of love, it’s...  Read the full post ( 559 words, estimated 2:14 mins reading time )

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Create Community posted by John Sorensen on Jan, 28

Have you stopped to think about your neighbor? I'm not talking about the person living next door - I'm talking about the neighbor Jesus spoke of in the parable of the Good Samaritan. Jesus was talking to a man and told him to love God and love his neighbor. The man then asked Jesus, 'who is my neighbor?'. The man wanted to know who he had to love. What was Jesus answer? Everyone. So, who around y...  Read the full post ( 531 words, estimated 2:07 mins reading time )

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