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Remembering E. H. (Buddy) Gaines, EE Pioneer to Asia and Eurasia posted by John Sorensen on Jan, 5


All of us in the global fellowship of Evangelism Explosion are truly saddened by the loss of Rev. E. H. (Buddy) Gaines, a man known to thousands worldwide from his decades in Christian missions and his spectacular achievements as a key leader of Evangelism Explosion across Asia and Eurasia. Rev. Gaines—Buddy, as he is almost universally known—slipped away peacefully at his home to b...  Read the full post ( 865 words, estimated 3:28 mins reading time )

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Thank You posted by eeadmin on Jan, 5

By God’s grace and with your generosity we met the $250,000 match! Thank you for standing alongside of us with your commitment to EE and God’s Great Commission. By God’s grace and with your help, we were able to make our $250,000 Matching Challenge. This means that we can continue to move ahead with more relevant, innovative ministry and press forward in reaching every person with the...  Read the full post ( 114 words, estimated 27 secs reading time )

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The Anti-New Year’s Resolution Blog posted by Jim Engle on Dec, 29

Why talk about New Year’s resolutions in the same old tired, worn out fashion?!  Everyone knows that only a small fraction ever see the light of February. First, resolutions usually concern changing a behavior that’s been in place for decades.  An overweight fifty-something makes a resolution that he will begin an exercise program in the New Year.  Really?  He has not done meaningful exer...  Read the full post ( 652 words, estimated 2:36 mins reading time )

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Merry Christmas from Our EE USA Team to Yours! posted by EE USA on Dec, 22

The Angel proclaimed… I bring you GOOD NEWS of GREAT JOY that will be for THE PEOPLE. For UNTO YOU is born THIS DAY in the city of David a SAVIOR, WHO IS CHRIST THE LORD. Luke 2:10-11 As 2014 draws to a close we pause to thank you for walking with us through the ministry impact of 2014. You have enabled us to continue to proclaim that GOOD NEWS which the angel announced long ago for ALL THE...  Read the full post ( 234 words, estimated 56 secs reading time )

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FINAL DAY—Help Spread the Gospel! posted by eeadmin on Dec, 20

The Deadline is Midnight, December 31, to Further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your tax-deductible year-end gift helps to offer the gift of eternal life to many. But today is the final day. If you haven’t given your year-end gift, please prayerfully consider a gift to equip and reach more people for Christ. Year-end giving helps to fund a significant portion of this ministry, so your gift i...  Read the full post ( 77 words, estimated 18 secs reading time )

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Much More posted by Jim Engle on Dec, 19

Two single syllable, four letter words, that, when placed side-by-side, say a mouthful.  “Much more” is a highlight phrase in the Bible.  Depending on which of the five most popular translations you use, it is found anywhere from 37 to 43 times. The reference with which we begin is tucked away in a rather obscure part of the Old Testament.  (By the way, the fact that it is obscure is not b...  Read the full post ( 327 words, estimated 1:18 mins reading time )

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VIDEO: Special Message From EE Chairman posted by eeadmin on Nov, 23

Special Thanksgiving Message From EE Chairman of the Board, Dr. David Self...  Read the full post ( 13 words, estimated 3 secs reading time )

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Have an Unshakable Thanksgiving posted by Jim Engle on Nov, 23

Look up the word holiday in the dictionary.  You will discover that it is a contraction; two words made into a single word.  The two words?  Holy Day. Think about this.  Whenever a spiritual truth or reality becomes institutionalized, its meaning is compromised, even lost…and its importance is watered down.  Just consider the three main “Christian holidays” in the increasingly secular...  Read the full post ( 617 words, estimated 2:28 mins reading time )

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Faith and Thanksgiving Go Hand-in-Hand posted by eeadmin on Nov, 21

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for families to remember the many blessings that God has bestowed on all of us, especially God’s grace through Jesus Christ. This special holiday provides natural opportunities to share the Gospel. Here are a few ideas: Tell of the origins of the Thanksgiving holiday as pilgrims sought a land where they could worship the One true God Invite family members t...  Read the full post ( 237 words, estimated 57 secs reading time )

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Gospel Goosebumps posted by John Sorensen on Nov, 17

Last night on the way home I was listening to Chip Ingram and his radio program, “Living on the Edge." At the end of the show Chip gave a wonderful gospel presentation. I was praying for those listening that they would hear this truth and believe. Praise God! But I did question how he did such a great job? I don't know if Chip was ever trained in Evangelism Explosion, but what he did sounded...  Read the full post ( 281 words, estimated 1:07 mins reading time )

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