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OJT – The Most Valuable of EE’s Core Values posted by EE USA on Oct, 28

Randall Wood is the National Director for EE USA.I have been reminded in recent days of the incredible value of on-the-job training in our equipping ministry. I am privileged to lead two Everyday Evangelism trainings this fall and this is what I have observed so far: OJT is incredibly valuable to everyone involved in the encounter. The Trainer is emboldened when recognizing, once again, the...  Read the full post ( 272 words, estimated 1:05 mins reading time )

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What’s in a Smile? posted by John Sorensen on Oct, 27

A few days ago, we held a conference in Finland focused on evangelism. Quite a few pastors and leaders showed up ready to discuss this important issue facing the church today.  And while I'm encouraged by the participation and passion demonstrated by those that came, there was one pastor that impacted me the most. Zachariah. I'm sure I'm not doing justice to his name, but from what I could...  Read the full post ( 336 words, estimated 1:21 mins reading time )

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VIDEO: What Question Should You NEVER Ask? posted by Jim Engle on Oct, 22

When you have an opportunity to share your faith, this is an opening question that could get you in a fix. In this insightful video, Dr. James F. Engle, Chief Operating Officer at EE International, provides the better question to ask....  Read the full post ( 42 words, estimated 10 secs reading time )

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Five Things That Undermine Evangelism posted by Mike Ferraguti on Oct, 21

The primary reason most churches are not evangelistic is because most pastors, staff and church members are not evangelistic. Our theology may be sound. Our motives may be sound. But we are not personally evangelistic. What, then, are the reasons we are not personally evangelistic? Here are five reasons to consider. 1. We fail to be biblically responsible for doing evangelism ourselves. I...  Read the full post ( 296 words, estimated 1:11 mins reading time )

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“Stir You Up By Way of Reminder…” posted by Jim Engle on Oct, 20

Important matters require repetition.  Reminders are not only helpful; they are absolutely essential.  It is interesting that Peter wrote an entire Bible book on this premise. “Therefore, I will always be ready to remind you of these things, even though you already know them, and have been established in the truth which is present with you. I consider it right, as long as I am in this earthly...  Read the full post ( 646 words, estimated 2:35 mins reading time )

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The Cult of the Next Thing (or…The Doctrine of Stuffology) posted by Jim Engle on Oct, 6

I belong to the Cult of the Next Thing… It is dangerously easy to get enlisted…                  It happens by default…Not by choosing the Cult…                  But by failing to resist the Cult!   The Cult of the Next Thing is the doctrine of “STUFFOLOGY”… …CONSUMERISM made into a religion!   The Cult of the Next Thing has its own litan...  Read the full post ( 273 words, estimated 1:06 mins reading time )

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Stewardship – a Matter of Joyful Obedience posted by Jim Engle on Sep, 26

Stewardship is a spiritual matter, not a financial matter.  If you do not agree, or do not understand this statement, your giving to the cause of Christ is compromised, playing a minor role on your list of priorities.  If you do agree, and do understand this spiritual principle, your giving to the cause of Christ is one of joyful obedience, high on your list of priorities. I had an experience y...  Read the full post ( 633 words, estimated 2:32 mins reading time )

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Hope Around the World posted by Mike Ferraguti on Sep, 23

Owerri is the capital of Imo State in Nigeria. Something remarkable is happening here. During Hope for Kids training at Winners Chapel, 112 children’s teachers representing 14 different churches were equipped to train children how to share their faith in Jesus Christ. “The teachers can't wait to explode,” said our representative there. The Gospel, through the EE ministry, c...  Read the full post ( 65 words, estimated 16 secs reading time )

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The Power of the Gospel (Even in Tract form) posted by Jim Engle on Sep, 15

Dr. James Engle is Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Evangelism Explosion International. Dr. Engle has served with EE since 1976, teaching leadership clinics around the USA and the world, and assisting with material development.  Prior to becoming COO he served on the EE International Board of Directors. He has also been a Senior Pastor.  During these forty years of involvement in personal and c...  Read the full post ( 702 words, estimated 2:48 mins reading time )

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A week in the life posted by Mike Ferraguti on Sep, 15

By the end of the week, I had learned and heard through phone calls and emails the following: One of my wife’s students didn’t bring his book to school. His book was at his dad’s condo, and he was staying with his mom because his parents were breaking up. A friend, burned by tremendous school debt, a divorce and then unemployment which forced a move, was in a state of anxiety and d...  Read the full post ( 392 words, estimated 1:34 mins reading time )

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