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The Gift of Evangelism posted by John Sorensen on May, 21

Have you ever heard someone say, "I don’t have the gift of evangelism?”  Maybe you’ve even said it.  Well, good.  I’m glad to hear it!  Now, the reason I’m glad to hear you don’t have the “gift” of evangelism is because, there’s no such gift.  Maybe you’re saying, wait a minute, I know I’ve read that in the Bible.  But what you’ve read is about the “role” of the e...  Read the full post ( 175 words, estimated 42 secs reading time )

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Good New Specialist posted by John Sorensen on May, 5

Are you a Good News Specialist?  You know there’s all kinds of titles out there – especially in the business world.  What if Christians carried a business card for our work in the Great Commission?  I’d love to see our title be a - Good News Specialist.  That’s what you are! This Gospel of Jesus Christ is Good News that sets us FREE with a promise of everlasting life.  In the Book of...  Read the full post ( 139 words, estimated 33 secs reading time )

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He is Risen Indeed! posted by John Sorensen on Apr, 3

For many years I was afraid of dying. Well, in truth, “afraid” is too tame a word. Petrified would be more fitting. I came to fully realize the existence of this fear when my father got sick and later died. I always thought of my dad as a kind and generous, larger-than-life kind of man. And charismatic to a fault. He had given his life in service to God as a pastor and preacher. As a bo...  Read the full post ( 702 words, estimated 2:48 mins reading time )

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Promote media that matters! posted by eeadmin on Apr, 1

You can help EE today by contacting your local Christian radio station. Ask them to consider airing the daily Share Life Today 60-second radio feature from Evangelism Explosion International. Beginning Monday, April 6 Share Life Today will teach listeners how to witness to the lost and also will inspire them through encouraging stories of lives that have been changed through the power of t...  Read the full post ( 143 words, estimated 34 secs reading time )

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Try it! Invite someone! posted by John Sorensen on Mar, 30

Did you know that 82 percent of people would come to a church service if they were only invited?   So it seems like the reason our friends and neighbors aren’t coming to church is because no one is inviting them! So give it a try. I encourage you to be intentional and invite a neighbor, a family member or a friend to church this Easter. First, pray about who you might invite.  It may turn...  Read the full post ( 85 words, estimated 20 secs reading time )

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Special Announcement from Washington DC posted by John Sorensen on Mar, 27

D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship Beton Lecture Hall Dedication  Washington, DC Dedication.  That’s why we have gathered.  To “dedicate” this space.  This is not an open house, or a party.  It is a dedication. Often, when we think such thoughts, we imagine a dedication to be a time to say some official sounding words that honor a purpose, or a person.  And th...  Read the full post ( 440 words, estimated 1:46 mins reading time )

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Giving the Gospel a Broadcast Boost! posted by John Sorensen on Mar, 19

You may not know this about me, but years ago, I was a radio disk jockey. I realized then and know now that broadcast radio can have a powerful impact. And now Evangelism Explosion International is putting that power to use for the proclamation of the Gospel! EE is launching a new venture in April called Share Life Today Radio. I will host a 60-second radio feature on Christian radio stations t...  Read the full post ( 300 words, estimated 1:12 mins reading time )

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Who is Evangelism Explosion? posted by David Self on Mar, 9

Dr. David Self is the Chairman of the Board of Evangelism Explosion International So, I assume you know the What answer: Evangelism Explosion was the vision of the late Dr. D. James Kennedy which has resulted in millions of people being equipped to share their faith. But do you know the Who answer? The Who of EE involves people from every nation equipping every people group and every age group...  Read the full post ( 317 words, estimated 1:16 mins reading time )

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“Net Neutrality” – A Power Grab That Threatens Free Speech and Spread of Gospel posted by John Sorensen on Feb, 25

The "future of the entire Internet" is at stake Thursday when the Federal Communications Commission votes on a proposal to "regulate the Internet," as one dissenting Commissioner put it. I am sad to say that the FCC will likely approve "net neutrality" when the five FCC Commissioners vote Thursday, Feb. 26. It's a direct hit against liberty. Critics call it ObamaCare for the Internet.  "The pe...  Read the full post ( 490 words, estimated 1:58 mins reading time )

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Ready to soar? posted by eeadmin on Feb, 10

Becoming a skilled pilot not only takes classwork, but on-the-job training. It’s the same with evangelism. Unfortunately, too many evangelism courses are all classwork and no practical witnessing experiences. Evangelism Explosion Leadership Training Clinics get you “in the air” with skilled Trainers who go out into the harvest field and share Jesus’ saving story confidently an...  Read the full post ( 222 words, estimated 53 secs reading time )

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