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He Has Risen Indeed! posted by John Sorensen on Apr, 20

Today, we still celebrate with joy the words of Matthew 28:6: “He is not here, for He has risen.” Every day, for more than 50 years, Evangelism Explosion has been celebrating and proclaiming this wonderful truth! It is written on our hearts, evident in our ministry and unmistakable in our passion to declare His glorious Resurrection to every person on earth! And it’s evident in your...  Read the full post ( 480 words, estimated 1:55 mins reading time )

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Partnership to Disciple 750,000 Children! posted by John Sorensen on Apr, 15

Last week we worked on a project that could change the lives of over 3/4 of a million children in 2015! If it works out as we believe it will, we will see over 750,000 children receive ongoing discipleship. And for us, that is very exciting. Some years ago, we began a project called "Hope for Kids" where we train children to share the Gospel with their friends, relatives, and neighbors. This pa...  Read the full post ( 286 words, estimated 1:09 mins reading time )

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10 dead and many missing, and 10,000 homeless, due to Solomon Islands flooding posted by John Sorensen on Apr, 5


I am praying today for the people effected by the massive flooding in the Solomon Islands. I am grieved to learn from staff that 10 have died (and more news is coming), many are missing, and over 10,000 have no homes today due to the floods. Our staff report that there is dramatic loss of infrastructure like roads and bridges. Sai Turaga is one of our leaders there. She wrote: "(This has) reall...  Read the full post ( 305 words, estimated 1:13 mins reading time )

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How Precious is the Death of His Saints posted by John Sorensen on Mar, 31


This morning, my friend and mentor, Allen Duble entered into glory. When I was young, I had great difficulty dealing with death. I remember one day my mom coming in my room early in the morning to tell me of the death of a close relative. Of course I was shocked. As a young person, death seemed distant. The bottom line was that I didn't know how to react. Or even how to feel. As I've grown o...  Read the full post ( 337 words, estimated 1:21 mins reading time )

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Your Life. Your Calling. Right Here! posted by Mike Ferraguti on Mar, 26

You’re just unsure. What will you do with your life? Is God calling you somewhere? Anywhere? Is ministry for you? And what exactly are your gifts? How might God use them? These are tough questions no doubt. The Evangelism Explosion summer Pacific internship can help answer all of those questions. It’s a unique six-week experience that will prepare and challenge you about what it means...  Read the full post ( 111 words, estimated 27 secs reading time )

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Bitter, not broken posted by eeadmin on Mar, 11


For five years, Janice, age 12, and her younger brother lived with the bitter truth that their mom left them. Raised in the care of their aunt, their adolescence was wrapped in confrontations with other peers, the result of living with bitterness toward their mom’s departure. Their aunt was diligent to bring them to church every Sunday. But it wasn’t until they attended a Hope for Kids (HFK...  Read the full post ( 226 words, estimated 54 secs reading time )

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Play Ball!—with our unique Ticket to Heaven Gospel tract posted by eeadmin on Mar, 5

Springtime ushers in the start of the baseball season for millions of baseball fans. We have just the ticket for such a time—our baseball-themed Gospel tract that we call ‘Ticket to Heaven’. Use it to reach your acquaintances with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and may your witnessing become America’s true favorite pastime. Get ready to spiritually Play Ball!—Only $8.50 for 100 tracts...  Read the full post ( 65 words, estimated 16 secs reading time )

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M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I spells GOSPEL posted by Mike Ferraguti on Mar, 4

Throughout Mississippi, thousands of children are discovering the power to share the greatest story every told—the Gospel of Jesus Christ—through EE Hope for Kids training! At Tunica Academy, students recently finished their 12-week semester and will soon start another. Humphreys Academy has been training their students to share Jesus for several years. Indianola Academy is training the...  Read the full post ( 130 words, estimated 31 secs reading time )

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“Armed” and “Dangerous” posted by eeadmin on Feb, 27


You will be shocked at what children are being taught in the Eurasian country of Kyrgyzstan. The young boy pictured here looks innocent enough, but he is “armed” and “dangerous.” He has radically altered the lives of the seven people in his family; three sisters, two brothers and even his mother and father. As of the writing of this letter, we don’t know if he’s had contact with...  Read the full post ( 776 words, estimated 3:06 mins reading time )

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EE Helps Restore Lives in the Midst of Devastation posted by eeadmin on Feb, 19


In November 2013, a super typhoon leveled parts of the Philippines. With help from our EE Director for the Philippines we strategically selected three priority areas to respond to Jesus’ call to assist. The goal was to reach 5,000 families from these three priority areas utilizing three components: humanitarian relief, spiritual ministry, and structural rehabilitation. Work is ongoing and com...  Read the full post ( 245 words, estimated 59 secs reading time )

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