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Evangelism Explosion International remembers Dr. Thomas H. Stebbins, Former Executive Vice President and COO, as An Evangelist, Mentor, and Equipper of Evangelists posted by John Sorensen on Feb, 15

Rev. Dr. Thomas H. Stebbins (84), former Executive Vice President and COO of Evangelism Explosion International, entered the presence of His Savior early this morning. Tom was born in Hue, Vietnam, the youngest child of pioneer missionaries. He trusted Christ as Savior at age nine and received God’s call to ministry when he was 17. After college, he married Donna Stadsklev, the daughter of pi...  Read the full post ( 476 words, estimated 1:54 mins reading time )

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Double your Gift this Christmas… posted by John Sorensen on Dec, 14

With just weeks to go in 2017, you have an incredible opportunity—but it’s almost gone. Because the clock is ticking, I’m asking you to act now—before it’s too late to see your gift DOUBLED by the extraordinary $250,000 Matching Challenge Fund. The deadline is December 31, so please respond now with your most generous gift. Don’t miss your chance to make your gift do TWICE as muc...  Read the full post ( 722 words, estimated 2:53 mins reading time )

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It’s Good to be Thankful posted by John Sorensen on Nov, 13

I remember the first time I heard the song "Thank you for giving to the Lord." Ann and I were at a missionary conference at the church where we came to know Jesus Christ. They played a video of people accepting Christ while the song played.  I think I wept for a half an hour! The idea of meeting people in Heaven that we had the chance to be part of leading to Christ while on earth was, to me, sim...  Read the full post ( 414 words, estimated 1:39 mins reading time )

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“I believe all your prayers are not in vain…” posted by John Sorensen on Nov, 6

Filled with EE teachers and trainers, the vehicle spun out of control and slid off the rain-slicked road in Uganda, landing on its side. When I received news of the accident from Francis, I could hardly bear to read further. The good news is, in the midst of tragedy, the Gospel works! For some time we'd been praying about how to make an impact for the Gospel in Southern Sudan.  Condition...  Read the full post ( 767 words, estimated 3:04 mins reading time )

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Attitude posted by John Sorensen on Oct, 25

Has anyone ever asked you about your faith in God, in Christ, your belief in Heaven and Hell, in the Bible? What happens? Do you become defensive, go into combat mode, do you become intimidated and shutdown? You don’t have to. When asked those questions, some people think of it as a divine appointment and you can too.  If you have an opportunity to share your faith, say a quick silent prayer...  Read the full post ( 158 words, estimated 38 secs reading time )

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Helen DeVos, Beloved Wife of Rich DeVos, Passes Away at 90 posted by John Sorensen on Oct, 20

Along with all those who knew and loved her, Evangelism Explosion mourns the death of Helen DeVos, who passed away on October 18 at 90 years of age. The beloved wife of Rich DeVos, Amway co-founder and a former member of the EE Board of Directors, Mrs. DeVos was a loving wife, mother and grandmother with a heart of compassion for others. A devoted follower of Jesus, in whose presence she now sta...  Read the full post ( 216 words, estimated 52 secs reading time )

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Saving Faith posted by John Sorensen on Oct, 18

The Bible tells us that by grace we are saved through faith. So, when you’re telling others about Jesus, the matter of faith is crucial. There are those who know all the doctrine of faith, and yet they don’t know how to get eternal life for themselves.  Some may think that faith is simply head knowledge about who Jesus is. But it’s more than that because the Bible tells us in James 2:19...  Read the full post ( 160 words, estimated 38 secs reading time )

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Bringing life out of the chaos… posted by John Sorensen on Oct, 16

Are you shocked by the level of tragedy that we see around us in these days? With all the hurricanes, earthquakes, and mass shootings, what are we, as Christians, to think? And do? The good news is, in the midst of tragedy, the Gospel works! Steve Witt, an EE teacher, planted a church in Las Vegas called The Well just last year.  Every week, he shares the Good News of Jesus Christ with the peo...  Read the full post ( 623 words, estimated 2:30 mins reading time )

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The Wittenberg 2017 Summit posted by eeadmin on Oct, 10

On October 31, 500 years ago, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the door of Wittenberg Castle church, changing the course of church history and launching the Protestant Reformation. Rev. John Sorensen, president and CEO of Evangelism Explosion International, has been invited to join church leaders from around the world to speak at The Wittenberg 2017 Summit, commemorating the 500th anni...  Read the full post ( 146 words, estimated 35 secs reading time )

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From Tragedy to Triumph! posted by John Sorensen on Oct, 4

I’ve heard the word “tragedy” used quite a lot these days. This morning, as I was praying, I was reminded of a powerful phrase Dr. Kennedy, EE’s founder, used to say. It came to him on the tail of a rather tragic moment in the life of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and EE. In the late 1970's, there were three young men who were a big part of Evangelism Explosion at Coral Ridge: Jack...  Read the full post ( 361 words, estimated 1:27 mins reading time )

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