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I confess, I have watched The Bachelorette posted by Mike Ferraguti on Jul, 30

Maybe you, like me, have watched it too. I’m almost afraid to say that I have because I might get ex-communicated from my church. (smiley face here). The tv show, The Bachelorette (or Bachelor) perplexes me. Millions of viewers watch weekly, and it’s winning the ratings battle in three target groups (women 18-34/women 18-49/women 25-54). This series follows the pursuit of one man, or...  Read the full post ( 725 words, estimated 2:54 mins reading time )

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Another Gospel Triumph posted by John Sorensen on Jul, 23

Victor and his wife are the parents of two beautiful daughters, but his relationship with them was hindered by his excessive drinking and cursing. In spite of these drawbacks, his girls attended church and became involved in the Hope for Kids Explorers Club discipleship ministry. He immediately noticed that the girls were coming home happy. They told him what they were learning and begged hi...  Read the full post ( 186 words, estimated 45 secs reading time )

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We Just Never Know posted by John Sorensen on Jul, 15

Unless someone prays with us on the spot, we never know the outcome of our witnessing. We know from the Bible that God’s Word never returns void—even if we hand someone a Gospel tract. Almost 40 years ago, a young Mr. Jeffrey Towne received a Gospel tract at a gas station in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and was rather unpleasant in his response to the witness. I can imagine that the witness felt li...  Read the full post ( 1782 words, estimated 7:08 mins reading time )

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Thanks for your generosity! posted by eeadmin on Jul, 8

Thank you for standing alongside of us with your commitment to EE and God’s Great Commission. Through God’s grace and your generosity, we raised every dollar of the $150,000 match. Your commitment to the Great Commission is helping us press forward in reaching men, women, boys and girls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God bless you....  Read the full post ( 57 words, estimated 14 secs reading time )

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A Win for Religious Liberty posted by John Sorensen on Jun, 30

Today, in a monumental ruling the U.S. Supreme Court declared that Christian business owners do not have to leave their religious values at the door of their company.  The decision came as a result of the Hobby Lobby case where the Christian owned company did not want to follow the birth control mandate of the Affordable Care Act claiming it violated their Christian beliefs.  Hobby Lobby took a...  Read the full post ( 197 words, estimated 47 secs reading time )

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Time is Running Out posted by eeadmin on Jun, 28

Time is running out to double the impact of your fiscal year-end gift! As the end of our fiscal year nears on June 30, a friend of the ministry has pledged a $150,000 Matching Challenge Fund to help us raise $300,000 and continue to empower committed people like Vincent to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth! By God’s grace, it takes just $2 to see someone make a profession of faith in Ch...  Read the full post ( 146 words, estimated 35 secs reading time )

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World Cup and Spirituality posted by Mike Ferraguti on Jun, 27

Global frenzy has arrived. It is called World Cup Soccer. America is following the World Cup with the same fervor as soccer hotbeds in Europe and South America. Televisions in sports bars usually reserved for Major League baseball games are now tuning in to futbol. But while change is on the horizon (a 2012 poll by social scientist Rich Luker found that soccer was the second-most popular sp...  Read the full post ( 262 words, estimated 1:03 mins reading time )

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Mfangano or Bust posted by John Sorensen on Jun, 17

Vincent, an EE field worker in Kenya, wants desperately to reach as many people as he can with The Words of Life.  I rejoice when I think about his commitment and that of hundreds of other EE field staff around the world.  A recent outreach of his focused on the island of Mfangano situated near the middle of vast Lake Victoria. It wasn’t long before Vincent’s EE team was asking themselves to...  Read the full post ( 430 words, estimated 1:43 mins reading time )

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Evangelism and Meetings posted by David Self on Jun, 16

Dr. David Self is the Chairman of the Board of Evangelism Explosion International Often leaders must convene meetings for purposes of clarity, evaluation, planning and motivation. The deeper I get into leadership, the more meetings I find myself attending. Sometimes, for those of us who are more practitioners than theoreticians, meetings can be draining, tinged with a feeling of guilt: why are...  Read the full post ( 453 words, estimated 1:49 mins reading time )

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Paldeep’s thirst for God was insatiable— And led to a miracle of God posted by eeadmin on Jun, 3

Paldeep was so desperate to find God that he was willing to do anything, including taking his own life because he thought, “If I can’t get God in this life, I will get Him in the next.” Paldeep tried church, meditation and even Scripture. To say he was desperate is quite an understatement. Thankfully, his suicide attempt failed miserably. And then the seemingly impossible happened. I call...  Read the full post ( 293 words, estimated 1:10 mins reading time )

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